Simple viewer for Vineyards time-map

Proposed Solution

  1. Request all images within a certain time-period from WMS, and add to an empty netCDF Layer group
  2. Sort the time stamps which are later used to create nodes in a time slider;
  3. The time slider triggers an event that modify the corresponding layers using one of these methods:
    (1) add / remove layer (2) change layer order: move up / down (3) switch layer visibility (4) toggle layer opacity ;
  4. (Optional) Build a play/loop function to animate the sequence
  5. update: Sep 23, 2015

Step 1: Time Selector

1. Get and parser capability info from GeoServer

2. Parse Time Dimension into a timestamps list

3. Build timestamps selection

Step 2: Generate netcdf Layer Group

1. Create Layers from Selection

2. Get all images from GeoServer (and add to map)

Step 3: Layer Visibility and Animation

1. Build time-slider from selected time stamp

2. Additional visibility controls

3. Add slider controls